Kimberly Hudson
President + Visual Communication Strategist


Claritas Creative
2221 S Clark St,
Arlington, VA 22202



Kimberly Hudson


The oversaturation of media, high email traffic, and general information overload is resulting in important messages becoming lost or ignored.  The need for clear, yet quick communication has never been more urgent.

Great visual communications make a message more effective by breaking through the clutter.  Engage, Inform, Inspire represents important milestones in the visual communications process.

First, we will work with your team every step of the way to ensure we engage the right audience.

Second, we will inform that audience of your message in a clear and understandable way.

Finally, we will work hard to inspire them to take the next step or answer the call to action. 


We're visual problem solvers and story tellers for clients of all types and sizes. We're passionate about creating clear visual communications strategy and tools that are smart, yet simple and impactful. 

Our network of professionals span a variety of content areas including graphic design, data visualizations & infographics, web design, writing, editing, video production, motion graphics animation, illustration, photography, sales, marketing, and more.  With an ever expanding network of professionals, we have the flexibility to grow our team to accommodate projects and challenges of all sizes.